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10 Marketing lessons from @shitmydadsays tweets

If you are one of the 1M+ followers of @shitmydadsays, the following tweets will be instantly recognizable.
If not, shitmydadsays is a Twitter account started by Justin, aged 29, who decided to tweet his hilarious and often profound sayings from his 74 year old dad. This has become such a phenomenon that CBS has picked it up and are making a TV series with William Shatner as the dad.
If you are not shy of excessive expletives, check out www.twitter.com/shitmydadsays for a good laugh.

In the meantime, back to my post.
I believe that there is good solid marketing advice in @shitmydadsays tweets, you just have to look closely …
CAUTION: F-and S-words abound below
ACKNOWLEDEMENT: All tweets are actually from @shitmydadsays

1. Branding

Key takeaway: Find your core competency, own and brand it. Sometimes it’s staring you right in the face.

2. Competition

Key takeaway: Don’t do excessive competitive analysis. If you focus on aligning your product with solving your customer’s issues you can take on and beat any competition.

3. Alignment

Key takeaway: In order to truly succeed, Sales, Marketing and other areas of your organization need to be aligned.

4. Messaging

Key takeaway: Test your message with your target audience. Don’t assume and don’t guess, be aggressive and don’t be shy.

5. Simplicity

Key takeaway: Keep your offering and value simple and easy to understand. Aka never sell the blah blah when you can sell the blah.

6. Solutions

Key takeaway: Don’t fall in love with the features of your product. Focus on solutions and benefits to your customer.

7. Sales Cycle

Key takeaway: It’s a mistake to try and force your prospect to buy your product if they are not ready. Short term quota filling can = long term cost of an unhappy customer. Prospect will buy in due time if you are the right solution.

8. Pricing

Key takeaway: Keep your pricing simple and value-focused. No prospect likes complicated and confusing pricing. Test it with real buyers, not just analysts (BTW I’m not saying analysts are lab mice ;-))

9. Target Audience

Key takeaway: Understand your prospects pain and target your benefits to their issues.

10. Budget

Key takeaway: Don’t complain about your lack of marketing budget. Make the most of what you have.
Twitter and other social media are excellent new marketing tools and are still free … for now

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