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Hadoop Compression – The Elephant That’s Not In The Room

This article was originally posted at Cloudtimes.org http://cloudtimes.org/hadoop-compression-the-elephant-thats-not-in-the-room/

We are living in the age of “Big Data” where billions of transactions, events or activities are generated through use of smartphones, web browsing, smartmeter sensors and more. Hadoop, MapReduce and a new generation of NoSQL technologies are helping us manage, transform, analyze and deal with the […]

From Dream to Reality: A Single Enterprise Archive Solution for Big Data Retention

Last year Gartner published a report titled “Enterprise Information Archiving Transforms the Strategy and Approach for Archiving”, in it they forecasted that Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) will become a key infrastructure component and will hold both structured data and unstructured content by 2013. Quite a bold prediction at the time considering that Gartner also published […]

3 Big-Data Predictions for 2011

How will compliance-driven structured data retention affect your enterprise? Will expensive data management software fall and sustainable IT rise as a result?

Originally Published December 15, 2010 at http://tdwi.org/articles/2010/12/15/3-big-data-predictions.aspx

By Ramon Chen, Vice President of Product Management, RainStor

Although organizations in health care, communications, financial services, and other industries will see big data as […]

10 Signs You Need A Big Data Retention Solution

Big Data is not only an IT challenge in the context of harnessing the growing volume of data across multiple enterprise applications for improved reporting and analytics but is more often discussed in the context of managing and retaining critical data for much longer time-periods and scaling enterprise systems to accommodate future growth in the […]

Surfing the Big Data Retention Wave

Thank you to Mike Vizard of CTOEdge for accepting my guest blog post Surfing the Big Data Retention Wave

“Companies in many other industries face Big Data Retention imperatives, so when push comes to shove, you can analyze for show, but you need to comply for dough.”

Please read the entire post at:



MDM at the Movies – Back to the Future, your MDM point of “view”

When Michael J Fox gets into the DeLorean and heads back to 1955 in the first installment of the classic movie Back to the Future, he gets a rude awakening when he sees what a wimp his dad is. With the DeLorean time machine equipped with the Flux capacitor he was able to participate […]

G20 Agrees the Time for MDM is Now!

JWG-IT a financial services industry think-tank that facilitates collaborative work to resolve industry issues created by regulatory change recently published a set of observations (See http://www.jwg-it.eu/node/403 )

“G20 set to endorse global regulatory rewrite. Aggressive battle plan expected this week”

Among the interesting nuggets, they mention that Secretary Geithner told congress that “supervisors should apply […]

The Art of MDM Workflow

The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected – Sun Tzu, the Art of War

As organizations begin […]

Who’s That Looking At My Master Data?

So you’ve finally managed to convince everyone who has a stake that building this MDM Hub is the right thing to do. You have the data ready to be loaded from a variety of applications (sources) and you are even preparing to provide a business user interface (See MDM for the Business Masses, It’s Time) […]

MDM for the Business Masses, it’s Time

Over the last 4 years we have seen Customer Data Integration (CDI) evolve into Master Data Management (MDM), heard many debates about MDM architectural styles, features and functions, operational vs. analytical, and the ever present need for an MDM platform to have web services so that applications could be developed to manage and retrieve the […]