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DMRadio conversation: Agility Is Everything

I had the pleasure of participating in a DMRadio panel yesterday as described below. The full recording can be accessed here http://www.information-management.com/dmradio/-10017561-1.html

My comments start 43 mins 20 secs into the show.

Thank you to Denodo Technologies and Composite Software for sponsoring the show. And to hosts @jimericson @eric_kavanagh for inviting me to participate.

Agility […]

10 Signs You Need A Big Data Retention Solution

Big Data is not only an IT challenge in the context of harnessing the growing volume of data across multiple enterprise applications for improved reporting and analytics but is more often discussed in the context of managing and retaining critical data for much longer time-periods and scaling enterprise systems to accommodate future growth in the […]

ESJ Q&A: Addressing Big-Data Challenges

By James Powell 10/12/2010

How can you get “big data” under control without going under? We recently posed that question to Ramon Chen, vice president of product management, at RainStor, a company devoted to online information preservation that offers a specialized data repository. Our simple, single question sparked the conversation below.

Complete Interview can be […]

Microsoft’s must-have customer data integration feature

By Hannah Smalltree, News Writer 26 Jul 2006 | SearchDataManagement.com

Relationships can be complex — even in business.

As companies merge, acquire, restructure and spin off subsidiaries, it’s hard to keep track of the hierarchies and relationships among legal entities. Also, companies can now have multiple relationships with one entity — perhaps recognized as a […]

Power Plans – Enlighten your organization to the importance of preparedness

Health Informatics Magazine (click heading for full article)

Ramon Chen, senior director of product marketing at GoldenGate Software, says that transactional data management, with its built-in, continuous, 24/7 synchronization of critical data, is the next advance. It will be essential for healthcare organizations, awash in clinical data, to be able to continuously move transactional data […]

ITV/DTV Portals – Entry Point to Content, E-Commerce and the Television Interface

Digital Hollywood

This was my last public presentation/panel for MetaTV. I remember staying at the Beverly Wilshire, they gave me the “Pretty Woman” suite, it was cool. The press release for our funding had also just crossed the wire, so I would get lots of questions about the $21M we were able to raise […]

NAMIC Conference Delivering Interactive Television: Offering New Forms of Entertainment, Advertising and Commerce Through Television

The panel I moderated went really well, the room was packed with about 75 people and we covered alot. Now off to JFK to get to the next show in LA tomorrow where I’m participating on the panel.NEW MEDIA & PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION – Delivering Interactive Television: Offering New Forms of Entertainment, Advertising and Commerce Through […]


Extra Magazine

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — July 24, 2001 — A different kind of digital divide is springing up across the cable industry, as the ability to stay on top of emerging technologies is defining success for cable systems and their marketers. Witness how tech-savvy operators like Comcast and Charter are being rewarded on Wall […]

Interactive Apps in the Works: The “S” Word Gains Momentum

June 2001 Issue Interactive Apps in the Works: The “S” Word Gains Momentum By Jonathan Tombes, CT Senior Editor ITV applications require integration. That’s not easy, but it’s necessary if you’re looking for interactive synergy. Let’s stipulate at the outset that interactive TV (ITV) is a broad, confusing term. It bundles electronic or interactive program […]

Sausalito firm tests interactive TV site

Sausalito firm tests interactive TV site – Jan 18, 2001 By Carolyn R. Saraspi

Sausalito’s MetaTV has revamped Ford Motor Co.’s Web site into a version for interactive television – an emerging technology that eventually will allow consumers to shop for cars, clothes and other products right from their sofas.

MetaTV, which has […]