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Data Retention Solutions – Powered by RainStor Interview

Ramon Chen, VP Product Management at RainStor, describes the types of solutions that can be delivered using RainStor and which ISVs should consider embedding RainStor technology. Ramon also highlights how SIs and MSPs can benefit from using RainStor within the solutions they deliver to their clients.

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Making the Big Data Problem Smaller – video

In this age of YouTube, the best way to get your message across is not through boring datasheets and PPT presentations but rather something punchy and entertaining that communicates a message in a condensed time frame. This video created for RainStor attempts to achieve just that. Did we succeed? Please comment below or on YouTube […]

Recaping 2001 and looking forward to 2002

At the MetaTV Global Summit 2002, held at the San Rafael Civic Center auditorium, I gave a 25 minute live presentation which was captured on video. The video is split into 3 parts below in order to fit within the 10 min limit per video on YouTube. I am particularly proud of this presentation because […]

2001 NCTA Show – Update on Interactive TV

Reporting from The Cable Channel, Michael Kokernak discusses the near term outlook on Interactive TV during the 2001 NCTA Cable Show. Ramon interviewed as part of a group of industry leaders on the state of iTV (Click to access the YouTube video)

Michael Kokernak interviews:

Craig Enenstein Liberty Digital Josh Bernoff Forrester Research Ramon Chen […]

MetaTV on ABC Channel 7

MetaTV Interactive TV software platform Company Profile, with interviews Andrew Lev, President. John Carney VP Engineering, Ramon Chen VP of Marketing MetaTV profile on ABC (Click to access the YouTube video)

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Evolve Company Profile

Evolve Software Company profile from 1999 with interviews CEO John Bantleman, Director Product and Services Marketing Ramon Chen

Evolve Software profile on ABC (Click to access the YouTube video)

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Synon at Tech Ed video

I conceived and directed this video, created as a product positioning and marketing overview of the success Synon had at the Microsoft Tech Ed conference.

Internal video showing Synon at TechEd 1998 Features interviews done by Ramon Chen, Director Products.

Click to see the video in YouTube

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Synon IUC 1998 in Orlando, FL

May 6-9th, 1998

In sunny Orlando, over 700 Synon developers gathered. This is OBspy reporting from Orlando at IUC 98, at what is now officially the largest gathering of Synon customers on the planet, ever! Months of planning, promoting and coordinating, the pre-conference activities, such as room setup, hotel facilities organization, cabling, […]