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Canada vs. USA – Olympic Hockey Gold…and Technology Faceoffs

Today’s the big day of the showdown. The Men’s Olympic ice-hockey finals!

With the Canadian women triumphant over USA a few days ago and the USA men handing the Canadian team a big wake up call in the preliminaries, the anticipation of this game is reaching fever pitch. Evident are the numerous chants of Go […]

How to make sure the next startup you work for gets acquired

First of all, what about finding a company that’s going to IPO? Based on all we know, an IPO exit for a technology company has been extremely rare and difficult over the last few years. So assuming getting acquired is a good exit for a company, it’s employees and shareholders, let’s proceed with our discussion.


Dr. Mark, Why don’t PMs stop and ask for directions?

Dr. Mark, I am a frustrated salesperson. I am out there selling our product but my prospects are asking for features which we don’t have. Our Product Managers (PMs) listen to me but they say they can’t stop and change course. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Sir WantsToSellAlot

Thanks for your e-mail Sir […]

Cloud Computing Fantasy Private Company Investing – Appirio, Aster Data, Cloudera, Voltage Security, Zuora

Ok, let’s take a break from MDM acquisition madness and change topics.

Last year I reviewed the Info week startup 50 and noted that Approx. 40% of Information week’s Startup 50 are Cloud or Virtualization companies. It showed where the VC’s were putting their bets around what they perceived to be the next new wave. […]

Why I’m on Twitter and Why You Shouldn’t Bother

It’s been nearly a year since I started using Twitter and many people still ask me why I bother and what is the purpose of Tweeting and being on Twitter at all.

Interestingly I took a look at my current linkedin contacts, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers and found these statistics (as of today Feb […]

Year of the Tiger: What might it mean for you? And Are You Compatible With Your Partner?

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 農曆新年!

For those of you not familiar with the Chinese New Year calendar, here is a primer and also a quick reference as to what the year is predicted to harbor for you. Disclaimer, this is just for fun … though if you are like me, these things have an […]

Beyond MDM: For Informatica Two’s Company, Three’s a Cloud

Previously I blogged about “Why Informatica–Siperian beats IBM–Initiate Systems, especially if you are an MDM buyer today” . Watching the numerous accolades coming from the #INFAanalyst tweetstream last week has shed further light on Informatica’s overall data management strategy and their commitment to the cloud. So while many have been focused on the two company […]

My MDM Acquisition Verdict: Why Informatica – Siperian beats IBM – Initiate Systems, especially if you are an MDM buyer today

First of all, congrats to Initiate Systems management and their employees, an excellent result for you and I wish you all the best. Also for those ex-DWL employees who ended up at Initiate, nice going! Nothing like getting two buyout checks from IBM in a 5 year span.

Ok let’s get down to brass tacks. […]