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The Big Data Odd Couple: Retention and Analytics

I recently caught the 1968 movie The Odd Couple on TV. It starred Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, and was based on Neil Simon’s 1965 Broadway play. The movie and subsequent TV series features a neat freak and neurotic, Felix Ungar rooming with his friend Oscar Madison, a messy sportswriter. As you may recall Felix […]

EMC buys Greenplum – But how reliable are analytics without MDM?

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The hot news in the “Big Data” world this afternoon is the acquisition of Greenplum by EMC. Greenplum has been one of the major high performance analytics players focusing on “Big Data” (see my analysis of Greenplum’s Enterprise Data […]

Simplification Through Specialization

For all the advances the human race has delivered over countless centuries, one could argue that this is still a very complex world indeed. True, things can now be accomplished a lot faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever before, but exactly how far have we come that it still takes an average person till […]

$7.5M and 12 Reasons Why RainStor

It is a wonderful day today, sunny, cloudy and definitely RainStormy, all at the same time.

As you may have heard, RainStor (my current company) has received $7.5M series B funding from the wonderful teams at Storm Ventures, Informatica Corporation as well as existing investors Doughty Hanson and Dow Chemical

I would like to add […]

Greenplum’s Enterprise Data Cloud Enterprise Initiative – not just “me cloud too”?

Greenplum, a petabyte-scale database for data warehousing and business intelligence on Monday 6/8 made three separate major announcements:

Greenplum Brings the Power of Self-Service to Data Warehousing with its Enterprise Data Cloud™ Initiative Greenplum Announces Greenplum Database 3.3 Future Group Sets the Standard for Retail Analytics with Greenplum Database

The major announcement out of […]

Will Hadoop render Oracle Irelephant? Hadoop and MapReduce for beginners and non-techies

I attended an IEEE-CNSV (Consultants Network of Silicon Valley) meeting on Cloud Computing Paradigms: MapReduce, Hadoop and Cascading in Santa Clara last night. It was extremely well attended with about 100+ people listening to Chris K. Wensel of Scale Unlimited providing an excellent, very technical overview of Hadoop, MapReduce and Cascading, an open source project […]

Send your legacy data to the cloud and instantly retire your apps – RainStor Cloud Archiving Service

With much of the world focused on high performance analytics and data warehousing enabled by columnar databases such as Sybase IQ, Vertica, and Paraccel, as well as companies like Greenplum and Netezza. A small company in the UK called Clearpace has quietly emerged on the scene with similar capabilities; but with compelling technology optimized for […]