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Post Siperian Informatica Acquisition Opportunity – Great People Available

With the dust settling on yesterdays announcement of the Informatica-Siperian (disclosure, my former company) acquisition I would be remiss in not pointing out the human side of the equation of such mergers. That is the people who through no fault of their own are now looking for new jobs.

Of course the process generally follows […]

MDM Vendor Landscape: Past, Present and Future

One of the most valuable elements of a MDM Platform is its ability to make associations and relationships once the data is matched and/or consolidated into a single hub. Often visualization of these relationships are a very sexy and practical demonstration of the possibilities once information is uncovered across contributing sources.

I blogged about how […]

Informatica + Siperian Acquisition = Premier MDM Platform

As expected, Informatica has announced that it has acquired Siperian (disclosure, my former company) for $130M (see full press release below). If predictions are correct, this will be a relative “bargain” when compared with the upcoming IBM and Initiate Systems tie up which is expected to be 4 to 5x Initiate’s $90M annual revenues. If […]

MDM Acquisition Frenzy – Siperian & Initiate Rumored to be Acquired by Informatica and IBM Respectively

On Brendon Daly’s blog at the 451 group are two posts which if true will absolutely rock the world of MDM software.

On Jan 25th he reported that Initiate Systems is to be acquired by IBM and just today he has posted a rumor that Siperian (disclosure, my former company) will be acquired by Informatica […]

Play ‘Tech Madness of the Decade’ – Elite 8: IBM vs. Salesforce and more – Pick your Final Four

The round of Sweet 16 is over! The votes are in and the polls are closed for the previous round. Check out the results at the end and vote for your Final Four.

Now the slate is clean and the match-ups get interesting. Cisco vs, VMware, IBM vs Salesforce, Facebook vs Google, Amazon […]

Dr Mark, How Can I Simplify Product Prioritization for my Executives? – A 12 Step Program for Product Planning

Dr. Mark, I am the Director of product management at my company with a team of 3 PMs. My team and I do lots of market research, create plenty of MRDs, voice-of-the-customer reviews, industry segmentation and basically it is my belief that no one in the company reads any of our work. In fact, some […]

Shoestring Marketing – The Sole of Marketing

There is no definitive origination for the term “Shoestring Budget”. Some have suggested that the analogy comes from the fact that a shoestring is slender and therefore relates to having slender resources. Having spent 20+ years developing and marketing software, my view on “shoestring” as it pertains to marketing is a little more precise than […]

Parallel DBMS’, Hadoop and MapReduce Revisited

This new recently published article MapReduce and Parallel DBMS, Friends or Foe? is an excellent read and reminded me of one of my earlier posts around Oracle and Hadoop. For those of you who don’t have the time to read the entire article, the conclusion is listed below:

“Most of the architectural differences discussed here […]

Oracle Acquires Silver Creek Systems, Does The MDM World Care?

Oracle announced that they acquired Silver Creek Systems on Monday. Silver Creek is a small best of breed Product Data Quality vendor. The announcement comes after several months in which Oracle has been “test driving” Silvercreek through a partnership announced early in 2009. For many in the MDM world the news is hardly surprising. Several […]

Cloud ‘N Clear Polls – You Make The Call (updated each time a new Poll is added)

My opinions matter only to me, your opinions count! Here are a list of polls that were added to blog posts so that you could vote your opinion. Vote now if you like or just peruse the results.

From Blog Post: EMC buys Greenplum – But how reliable are analytics without MDM?

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