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Hadoop Compression – The Elephant That’s Not In The Room

This article was originally posted at Cloudtimes.org http://cloudtimes.org/hadoop-compression-the-elephant-thats-not-in-the-room/

We are living in the age of “Big Data” where billions of transactions, events or activities are generated through use of smartphones, web browsing, smartmeter sensors and more. Hadoop, MapReduce and a new generation of NoSQL technologies are helping us manage, transform, analyze and deal with the […]

Play ‘Tech Madness of the Decade’ – Elite 8: IBM vs. Salesforce and more – Pick your Final Four

The round of Sweet 16 is over! The votes are in and the polls are closed for the previous round. Check out the results at the end and vote for your Final Four.

Now the slate is clean and the match-ups get interesting. Cisco vs, VMware, IBM vs Salesforce, Facebook vs Google, Amazon […]

Play ‘Tech Madness of the Decade’ – Sweet 16: Apple vs. Google and more – Pick your winners

For many people, the beginning and end of this decade was mired with massive job losses, 401k value depreciation and plummeting home values. However for tech titans and few up and coming wannabies, the decade marked significant milestones and continuing progress in their businesses despite the economy.

Just for fun I’ve decided to create a […]

Will Hadoop render Oracle Irelephant? Hadoop and MapReduce for beginners and non-techies

I attended an IEEE-CNSV (Consultants Network of Silicon Valley) meeting on Cloud Computing Paradigms: MapReduce, Hadoop and Cascading in Santa Clara last night. It was extremely well attended with about 100+ people listening to Chris K. Wensel of Scale Unlimited providing an excellent, very technical overview of Hadoop, MapReduce and Cascading, an open source project […]