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Big Data meets Borat

Somewhat regular readers of my blog will note that I like me a good analogy, especially one related to popular culture and in which some good laughs that can be had while getting a technically valid point across. See If Seinfeld evaluated MDM vendors, 10 Marketing lessons from @Shitmydadsays Tweets, and Hadoop – The most […]

It’s Not (Just) Size That Matters

This Thursday, July 19, I’m going to be participating in a DM Radio panel titled “How Big Is Big? Why Big Data Comes in Various Sizes,” This will be my 3rd time participating in a DM Radio segment, and if it is anything like the last two, it should be an interesting discussion around the […]

Big Data, Shared Nothing and Twin Babies

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts the last month or so. I’ve busy working on the launch of significant enhancements to the RainStor product and lots of exciting activity with our partners, including our recently announced relationship with Dell. My other focus has been with my fast growing identical twins Parker […]

LinkedIn’s IPO – A Perfect Storm of Big Data, Open Source and Cloud Computing

Unless you were at a media-free retreat or preparing for the Rapture that never was, you will have seen the tremendous success of the LinkedIn IPO, pricing at $45 a share and hitting an intraday price of $120 before “settling” down to today’s price of about $95 sporting a $9B+ market cap. To put this […]

A Small Price to Pay for Big (Machine-generated) Data Retention

Big Data used to be mostly generated as a result of human-driven interaction (texting, online retail purchases, stock trades) but in this new age, more and more data is machine-generated (call data records, automated stock trades, smart meter sensors, security monitoring appliances, test and measurement devices). Machine Generated Data is widely expected to form the […]

EMC buys Greenplum – But how reliable are analytics without MDM?

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The hot news in the “Big Data” world this afternoon is the acquisition of Greenplum by EMC. Greenplum has been one of the major high performance analytics players focusing on “Big Data” (see my analysis of Greenplum’s Enterprise Data […]

$7.5M and 12 Reasons Why RainStor

It is a wonderful day today, sunny, cloudy and definitely RainStormy, all at the same time.

As you may have heard, RainStor (my current company) has received $7.5M series B funding from the wonderful teams at Storm Ventures, Informatica Corporation as well as existing investors Doughty Hanson and Dow Chemical

I would like to add […]

Parallel DBMS’, Hadoop and MapReduce Revisited

This new recently published article MapReduce and Parallel DBMS, Friends or Foe? is an excellent read and reminded me of one of my earlier posts around Oracle and Hadoop. For those of you who don’t have the time to read the entire article, the conclusion is listed below:

“Most of the architectural differences discussed here […]

Greenplum’s Enterprise Data Cloud Enterprise Initiative – not just “me cloud too”?

Greenplum, a petabyte-scale database for data warehousing and business intelligence on Monday 6/8 made three separate major announcements:

Greenplum Brings the Power of Self-Service to Data Warehousing with its Enterprise Data Cloud™ Initiative Greenplum Announces Greenplum Database 3.3 Future Group Sets the Standard for Retail Analytics with Greenplum Database

The major announcement out of […]

Will Hadoop render Oracle Irelephant? Hadoop and MapReduce for beginners and non-techies

I attended an IEEE-CNSV (Consultants Network of Silicon Valley) meeting on Cloud Computing Paradigms: MapReduce, Hadoop and Cascading in Santa Clara last night. It was extremely well attended with about 100+ people listening to Chris K. Wensel of Scale Unlimited providing an excellent, very technical overview of Hadoop, MapReduce and Cascading, an open source project […]