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LinkedIn’s IPO – A Perfect Storm of Big Data, Open Source and Cloud Computing

Unless you were at a media-free retreat or preparing for the Rapture that never was, you will have seen the tremendous success of the LinkedIn IPO, pricing at $45 a share and hitting an intraday price of $120 before “settling” down to today’s price of about $95 sporting a $9B+ market cap. To put this […]

DMRadio conversation: Agility Is Everything

I had the pleasure of participating in a DMRadio panel yesterday as described below. The full recording can be accessed here http://www.information-management.com/dmradio/-10017561-1.html

My comments start 43 mins 20 secs into the show.

Thank you to Denodo Technologies and Composite Software for sponsoring the show. And to hosts @jimericson @eric_kavanagh for inviting me to participate.

Agility […]

Enterprise Information Archiving: It’s Not Your Father’s Archiving Platform

Gartner has published their “Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA)” – October 2010 (login required) as a direct replacement for their Email Active Archiving MQ which they have been publishing since 2002.

As stated in their report “…e-mail archiving is only one component of vendor’s overall solutions”. The report goes on to say […]

Sustainable Big Data Retention

I finally got round to watching the documentary The Corporation (2003) on DVD last night. If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite disturbing as it portrays a bleak picture of how large corporations generate great wealth, but can also cause great harm.

Environmental impact was of course one of the subjects reviewed in the film. […]

ESJ Q&A: Addressing Big-Data Challenges

By James Powell 10/12/2010

How can you get “big data” under control without going under? We recently posed that question to Ramon Chen, vice president of product management, at RainStor, a company devoted to online information preservation that offers a specialized data repository. Our simple, single question sparked the conversation below.

Complete Interview can be […]

101010 The Answer to Life, the Universe and Big Data

On October 10, 2010 a day represented as 10/10/10 raises awareness and brings back memories of many iconic events and topics related to the magical number 10. In the spirit of this day, here are 10:

10. David Letterman’s top 10

9. Bo Derek, Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews in the Movie “10”

8. Big […]

The Big Data Odd Couple: Retention and Analytics

I recently caught the 1968 movie The Odd Couple on TV. It starred Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, and was based on Neil Simon’s 1965 Broadway play. The movie and subsequent TV series features a neat freak and neurotic, Felix Ungar rooming with his friend Oscar Madison, a messy sportswriter. As you may recall Felix […]

Surfing the Big Data Retention Wave

Thank you to Mike Vizard of CTOEdge for accepting my guest blog post Surfing the Big Data Retention Wave

“Companies in many other industries face Big Data Retention imperatives, so when push comes to shove, you can analyze for show, but you need to comply for dough.”

Please read the entire post at:



Make Your Applications Younger By Getting OLDR

OLTP or Online Transaction Processing databases and OLAP or Online Analytics Processing tools and data warehouses are widely used in data management applications and IT infrastructures. But as George Crump of Storage Switzerland points out in his Information Week blog post “Keeping Data Forever vs. Data Retention” the decision of what data to keep and […]

Simplification Through Specialization

For all the advances the human race has delivered over countless centuries, one could argue that this is still a very complex world indeed. True, things can now be accomplished a lot faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever before, but exactly how far have we come that it still takes an average person till […]