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A Simple Marketing Messaging Framework

Last month’s post Pixar’s 22 Rules for Storytelling –Applied to Software Marketing generated some interest, mostly emails asking me how to use a simple marketing messaging framework vs. the laundry list of rules to follow from my Pixar analogy.

There are many ways to go about this, but here is one of my favorites that […]

Pixar’s 22 Rules for Storytelling – Applied to Software Marketing

These rules were originally tweeted by Emma Coates, Pixar’s Story Artist. Looking at the list, it comes as no surprise how every movie at Pixar becomes such an incredible hit, and their characters genuinely finding their way into our hearts, minds and wallets.

Regular readers of my blog and those who have worked with me […]

Shoestring Marketing – The Sole of Marketing

There is no definitive origination for the term “Shoestring Budget”. Some have suggested that the analogy comes from the fact that a shoestring is slender and therefore relates to having slender resources. Having spent 20+ years developing and marketing software, my view on “shoestring” as it pertains to marketing is a little more precise than […]

Dr. Mark, No one pays attention when I present, how do I get them to listen?

Dr. Mark, I am a product marketing professional. I work hard on my powerpoint slides, regularly adding lots of graphics and using lots of animation options. But yet no one pays attention to the content or what I have to say? I could really use some advice.

Thanks, Frus Traited

Thanks for your e-mail Frus. […]

Dr. Mark, how do I get sales to make use of the marketing materials I create?

Dr. Mark, I am a product marketing professional. I work day and night on competitive intelligence, product positioning and messaging and other tools. I store everything on our company intranet and I send notification e-mails out to the sales teams, with detailed instructions on how to use the tools. Unfortunately I still get the same […]

Introducing Dr. Mark Eteer, consultant to the Mollywood marketing stars – How to move from engineering into marketing

Dr. Mark, I am an engineer recently laid off who has completed my MBA . How do I go about making a career switch into marketing? Yours Sincerely, I.M. Eager

Mr Eager,

I get this question quite often. As a former engineer myself my guidance to you is to look at starting as a product […]

Cloud Naming – Just for fun … or serious too, depending on your need

The highly geeky and technical weather fans or amatur meterologists would have many more cumulus, alto-cumlus like terms to be used for possible product/module or even company names, but the whole cloud concept had me thinking that the marketing association and possibilities must be endless and all the same time cheezy too.

For a Saturday […]

MetaTV Case Study – Live the brand, grow the Brand

Over the course of my 20+ years in marketing and product management, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked for companies that have been among the leaders in their designated market category/space. In this post, I take a quick look at corporate branding and product branding via my time as VP of Marketing at MetaTV. […]

The LavaLounge Case Study: Recognize your customers, bring them together, foster evangilism, build your community and ecosystem

My previous post referred to the relaunch of the LavaLounge for nostalgic purposes. While that was an insider post to the over 50,000 customers and partners worldwide who used the Synon/Obsydian/Plex application development tools, I actually posted it to lead into this discussion about customer community, building up your ecosystem and fostering evangelism. In this […]

The LavaLounge is back!

At least most of it is. I dragged up my full copy archive of the LavaLounge and uploaded it to my website.

Ex-Synon customers, partners, employees and historians enjoy.

http://www.ramonchen.com/synon/LavaLounge (note the capital letters on LavaLounge are important, unfortunately back in the day we didn’t lowercase the jpgs and html pages and directories and it […]