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Dr. Mark, What’s The Best Way To Provide Competitive Analysis To The Field?

Dr. Mark, I am a product manager and I’m being asked for competitive analysis documents, powerpoints and slides which I’m told is critical to the sales process. How do I go about producing something that is useful and credible that will help us win the deal?

Thanks, G2 Joe

Thanks for your e-mail G2.

Ideally […]

Dr. Mark, I’m a busy PM, how do I get these salespeople off my back!

Dr. Mark, I am a product manager and salespeople are constantly hounding me for new features saying that they need them for their prospects to close business. Meanwhile I’m up to my eyeballs in features that needed to be implemented “yesterday” for irrate customers, and I’m busy putting in new processes that tie our requirements […]

Dr. Mark, Why don’t PMs stop and ask for directions?

Dr. Mark, I am a frustrated salesperson. I am out there selling our product but my prospects are asking for features which we don’t have. Our Product Managers (PMs) listen to me but they say they can’t stop and change course. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Sir WantsToSellAlot

Thanks for your e-mail Sir […]

Dr Mark, How Can I Simplify Product Prioritization for my Executives? – A 12 Step Program for Product Planning

Dr. Mark, I am the Director of product management at my company with a team of 3 PMs. My team and I do lots of market research, create plenty of MRDs, voice-of-the-customer reviews, industry segmentation and basically it is my belief that no one in the company reads any of our work. In fact, some […]

Dr. Mark, No one pays attention when I present, how do I get them to listen?

Dr. Mark, I am a product marketing professional. I work hard on my powerpoint slides, regularly adding lots of graphics and using lots of animation options. But yet no one pays attention to the content or what I have to say? I could really use some advice.

Thanks, Frus Traited

Thanks for your e-mail Frus. […]

Dr. Mark, how do I get sales to make use of the marketing materials I create?

Dr. Mark, I am a product marketing professional. I work day and night on competitive intelligence, product positioning and messaging and other tools. I store everything on our company intranet and I send notification e-mails out to the sales teams, with detailed instructions on how to use the tools. Unfortunately I still get the same […]

Introducing Dr. Mark Eteer, consultant to the Mollywood marketing stars – How to move from engineering into marketing

Dr. Mark, I am an engineer recently laid off who has completed my MBA . How do I go about making a career switch into marketing? Yours Sincerely, I.M. Eager

Mr Eager,

I get this question quite often. As a former engineer myself my guidance to you is to look at starting as a product […]