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How Ingres Is Still Changing the Database World

Back in 2005 Wired magazine published a very interesting issue depicting how George Lucas’ blockbuster movie Star Wars eventually spawned a whole legion of special effects experts, all the way from Pixar to movies by James Cameron. The graphic can be found here if you are interested

It got me to thinking how some of […]

NoSQL, NewSQL. MySQL, PostgreSQL and a New Breed of Databases

Last year Matt Aslett of the 415 Group published an blog post titled “What we talk about when we talk about NewSQL”. In it describes NewSQL as “a loosely-affiliated group of companies … what they have in common is the development of new relational database products and services designed to bring the benefits of the […]

Make Your Applications Younger By Getting OLDR

OLTP or Online Transaction Processing databases and OLAP or Online Analytics Processing tools and data warehouses are widely used in data management applications and IT infrastructures. But as George Crump of Storage Switzerland points out in his Information Week blog post “Keeping Data Forever vs. Data Retention” the decision of what data to keep and […]

Parallel DBMS’, Hadoop and MapReduce Revisited

This new recently published article MapReduce and Parallel DBMS, Friends or Foe? is an excellent read and reminded me of one of my earlier posts around Oracle and Hadoop. For those of you who don’t have the time to read the entire article, the conclusion is listed below:

“Most of the architectural differences discussed here […]

One Million Unique Global English Words. That’s All?

The website The Global Language Monitor as of December 21st states there are 1,002,116 “Global English Words” in use today. Additionally it says:

English passed the 1,000,000 threshold on June 10, 2009 at 10:22 am GMT English gains a new word every 98 minutes (or about 14.7 new words a day)

According to the book […]

How To Get Big Data Into The Cloud, Without SneakerNet

An Amazon AWS blog post a few months ago discussed a AWS Import/Export service which allows customers to physically ship their data to Amazon by Fedexing their hard drives. Known tongue-in-cheek in circles as “SneakerNet”. According to the Amazon Import/Export calculator, SneakerNet provides an approximate 50% savings to the standard S3 Data Transfer-in charges.

Additionally, […]

Making the Big Data Problem Smaller – video

In this age of YouTube, the best way to get your message across is not through boring datasheets and PPT presentations but rather something punchy and entertaining that communicates a message in a condensed time frame. This video created for RainStor attempts to achieve just that. Did we succeed? Please comment below or on YouTube […]

RainStor Launches Today!

For the last 6 months I’ve been working with a great group of really smart folks based in the UK. The company Clearpace software had seen tremendous momentum and interest and back in May launched a beta cloud storage service running on Amazon AWS based on Clearpace technology called RainStor. The interest in the […]

CloudCamp San Francisco – June 2009

Today I helped Dave Nielsen organize the SF Cloud Camp at the Microsoft offices in downtown SF. The turnout was terrific with over 200+ attendees. At one point I was concerned that we might run out of food as I had only arranged for catering for 150 or so, but everything turned out just fine. […]

Greenplum’s Enterprise Data Cloud Enterprise Initiative – not just “me cloud too”?

Greenplum, a petabyte-scale database for data warehousing and business intelligence on Monday 6/8 made three separate major announcements:

Greenplum Brings the Power of Self-Service to Data Warehousing with its Enterprise Data Cloud™ Initiative Greenplum Announces Greenplum Database 3.3 Future Group Sets the Standard for Retail Analytics with Greenplum Database

The major announcement out of […]