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Big Data, Shared Nothing and Twin Babies

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts the last month or so. I’ve busy working on the launch of significant enhancements to the RainStor product and lots of exciting activity with our partners, including our recently announced relationship with Dell. My other focus has been with my fast growing identical twins Parker […]

Iron Mountain Exits Cloud, Embraces Brick, While Autonomy Doubles Down

This week Iron Mountain who announced their intention to sell of their digital business last month made good on their promise by selling it all to Autonomy for $380M. This represents a very interesting divergent strategy that has one company looking to exploit very valuable brick and mortar real-estate in the short-term, and another looking […]

Surfing the Big Data Retention Wave

Thank you to Mike Vizard of CTOEdge for accepting my guest blog post Surfing the Big Data Retention Wave

“Companies in many other industries face Big Data Retention imperatives, so when push comes to shove, you can analyze for show, but you need to comply for dough.”

Please read the entire post at:



How SaaS vendors can increase revenues, overcome objections & lower costs

It’s been a while since I wrote a SaaSparilla report, but as luck would have it my recent presentation at the SDForum Cloud Computing SIG, had some SaaSy aspects to it which generated some buzz and interest, which I thought I’d repeat here.

As per the title of the post, How can SaaS vendors increase […]

RainStor, Gear6, Riverbed. A Trifecta Of Offerings for Improving Cloud Computing Performance

Last night I attended and also presented at another excellent SDForum Cloud Computing SIG (Special Interest Group). The topic for the evening’s discussion was Cloud Computing Performance.

There were about 80+ attendees and the discussions, together with Q&A after each presentation were excellent. Many thanks, as usual, to Bernard Golden of Hyperstratus for organizing the […]

Retention and Compliance: The other side of the big data problem

There has been quite a bit written about Big Data including a whole issue with more mainstream articles in The Economist last month.

Interestingly, most of the talk has been focused on how to process and analyze “Big Data for Fast Insights”, which happens to be Aster Data‘s catchy tagline. Also to that end, interest […]

$7.5M and 12 Reasons Why RainStor

It is a wonderful day today, sunny, cloudy and definitely RainStormy, all at the same time.

As you may have heard, RainStor (my current company) has received $7.5M series B funding from the wonderful teams at Storm Ventures, Informatica Corporation as well as existing investors Doughty Hanson and Dow Chemical

I would like to add […]

Cloud Computing Fantasy Private Company Investing – Appirio, Aster Data, Cloudera, Voltage Security, Zuora

Ok, let’s take a break from MDM acquisition madness and change topics.

Last year I reviewed the Info week startup 50 and noted that Approx. 40% of Information week’s Startup 50 are Cloud or Virtualization companies. It showed where the VC’s were putting their bets around what they perceived to be the next new wave. […]

Beyond MDM: For Informatica Two’s Company, Three’s a Cloud

Previously I blogged about “Why Informatica–Siperian beats IBM–Initiate Systems, especially if you are an MDM buyer today” . Watching the numerous accolades coming from the #INFAanalyst tweetstream last week has shed further light on Informatica’s overall data management strategy and their commitment to the cloud. So while many have been focused on the two company […]

Parallel DBMS’, Hadoop and MapReduce Revisited

This new recently published article MapReduce and Parallel DBMS, Friends or Foe? is an excellent read and reminded me of one of my earlier posts around Oracle and Hadoop. For those of you who don’t have the time to read the entire article, the conclusion is listed below:

“Most of the architectural differences discussed here […]