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Big Money for Big Data in Banking and Securities, Communications, Media and Services

There’s been a lot of discussion around which industries are the “hottest” in terms of Big Data. Gartner in July published the heat map below in their report Market Trends: Big Data Opportunities in Vertical Industries

With RED=Very hot it’s easy to see that the industries that the four that have the highest volume are 1. Banking & Securities, 2. Communications, Media and Services, 3. Government, 4. Manufacturing and Natural Resources.

It’s probably also no surprise that Communications, Media and Services and Government are called out to have the widest variety of data with video for entertainment and surveillance being prime drivers for unstructured data objects. Whereas Banking & Securities have generally well organized datasets due to standards, governance.

Finally it is clearly reflected by the RED under the Software category that Banking & Securities, Communications Media and Services are the most interested and willing to invest in software to tackle their Big Data problems.

So it may come to no surprise that my company RainStor, that offers a Big Data database announced today that we received $12M in C round funding from prominent industry leaders Credit Suisse in Banking and Securities, and Rogers Venture Partners related to the Communications, Media and services.

Over the last 2 years, RainStor has been fortunate enough to provide solutions to the largest banks and telcos in the world. We are excited that this investment re-enforces our market opportunity and look forward to doing great things for companies in these industries and beyond.

BTW, we are hiring so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested.

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