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Big Data meets Borat

Somewhat regular readers of my blog will note that I like me a good analogy, especially one related to popular culture and in which some good laughs that can be had while getting a technically valid point across. See If Seinfeld evaluated MDM vendors, 10 Marketing lessons from @Shitmydadsays Tweets, and Hadoop – The most interesting technology in the world” for examples of the way I think.

So it tickled my geek side funny bone to happen across @BigDataBorat, who has a profile description of “Learnings of Big Data for Make Nation of Kazakhstan #1 Leading Data Scientist Nation”. 

A few of my personal favorites so far:

  • I offer new #bigdata solution having infinite scale(*) and fast access. (*) inifnite scale offer only good first 20 node
  • Mrs. BigDataBorat say she arrange for dinner use OpenTable. Is hard keep track all these BigTable clones.
  • Nostradamus make absurd prediction and leave before can be verify. This make him world’s first #bigdata scientist.
  • Optimist say glass half full. Pessimist say half empty. #bigdatascientist say need further funding for to reach firm conclusion.
  • To me name Vertica sound like perfect application for build data silo #bigdata
Disclaimer: I work for RainStor, a Big Data database company so I find this funny, and frightfully distasteful at the same time. Well played @BigDataBorat, well played

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