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Mastering Big Data Management

You are seeing tweets daily, check that, there seems to be an article or post practically every hour. Big Data is an enormous topic of conversation. From Apache (Hadoop) to Zetabyte forecasts, everyone is telling you to be prepared. Big Data is being analyzed, retained and managed for greater business insights and competitive agility.

With […]

LinkedIn’s IPO – A Perfect Storm of Big Data, Open Source and Cloud Computing

Unless you were at a media-free retreat or preparing for the Rapture that never was, you will have seen the tremendous success of the LinkedIn IPO, pricing at $45 a share and hitting an intraday price of $120 before “settling” down to today’s price of about $95 sporting a $9B+ market cap. To put this […]

Iron Mountain Exits Cloud, Embraces Brick, While Autonomy Doubles Down

This week Iron Mountain who announced their intention to sell of their digital business last month made good on their promise by selling it all to Autonomy for $380M. This represents a very interesting divergent strategy that has one company looking to exploit very valuable brick and mortar real-estate in the short-term, and another looking […]

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Retire … Your Apps

The sooner you start saving and investing for retirement, the more money you may accumulate for your golden years. Ironically a similar concept applies to your applications, the sooner you identify and shutdown your old applications and retain the data elsewhere, the more you can save operationally and refocus your resources on things that will […]