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Play ‘Tech Madness of the Decade’ – Sweet 16: Apple vs. Google and more – Pick your winners

For many people, the beginning and end of this decade was mired with massive job losses, 401k value depreciation and plummeting home values. However for tech titans and few up and coming wannabies, the decade marked significant milestones and continuing progress in their businesses despite the economy.

Just for fun I’ve decided to create a […]

Systemic Failure – Will the Government put in a Decent MDM System Already!

I won’t go into the much reviewed and dissected failures in the security framework and system that led to the attempted terrorist attack on the Northwest flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Detroit. Rather President Obama’s admission of a systemic failure in the nation’s security apparatus and that the US had early signals and uncorrelated intelligence, […]

One Million Unique Global English Words. That’s All?

The website The Global Language Monitor as of December 21st states there are 1,002,116 “Global English Words” in use today. Additionally it says:

English passed the 1,000,000 threshold on June 10, 2009 at 10:22 am GMT English gains a new word every 98 minutes (or about 14.7 new words a day)

According to the book […]

How To Get Big Data Into The Cloud, Without SneakerNet

An Amazon AWS blog post a few months ago discussed a AWS Import/Export service which allows customers to physically ship their data to Amazon by Fedexing their hard drives. Known tongue-in-cheek in circles as “SneakerNet”. According to the Amazon Import/Export calculator, SneakerNet provides an approximate 50% savings to the standard S3 Data Transfer-in charges.

Additionally, […]

Avatar IMAX 3D’s “Driftwood Moment” – Suspension of Disbelief In Favor Of Great Entertainment

I went to see Avatar this opening weekend on IMAX 3D at the Sony Metreon in SF. Predictably the show was sold out. Even though we got in line fully 1 hour before the show started we were relegated to side seats due to the long lines.

Great movie! A true breakthrough in movie making […]

Lombardi Acquired by IBM – More MDM Ecosystem Consolidation?

Pacman used to be my favorite game back in the 80’s. I could spend hours navigating the yellow chomper around eating up all of the pac-dots, avoiding the ghosts then timing it just right to grab the power-pellets and turning on the ghosts and chomping them up for maximum points.

The recent announcement that IBM […]

Making the Big Data Problem Smaller – video

In this age of YouTube, the best way to get your message across is not through boring datasheets and PPT presentations but rather something punchy and entertaining that communicates a message in a condensed time frame. This video created for RainStor attempts to achieve just that. Did we succeed? Please comment below or on YouTube […]

Accelerating Your SaaS Sales Cycles and Removing Objections – Cloudfutures Conference RainStor presentation

As part of the RainStor launch, we sponsored Cloudfutures and I gave a 30 minute presentation about “Overcoming objections and accelerating your SaaS sales cycle”

9:35am Accelerating Your SaaS Sales Cycles and Removing Objections Learn how to ensure your customers can rapidly retire existing on-premise applications as part of moving to SaaS, avoiding the cost […]

RainStor Launches Today!

For the last 6 months I’ve been working with a great group of really smart folks based in the UK. The company Clearpace software had seen tremendous momentum and interest and back in May launched a beta cloud storage service running on Amazon AWS based on Clearpace technology called RainStor. The interest in the […]

My Experience with Slideshare – Simple Enough Once You Know How

This weekend I used Slideshare for the first time to record an overview slideshow for RainStor. Rather than just uploading the PPT, we felt it would be more compelling and easier to follow by having a voice over track with the slides.

The whole process was fairly simple once I figured out the best way […]