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MyPublisher vs. Shutterfly a Consumer Experience of Hybrid vs. SaaS

Ever since I got my first digital camera as a present from my colleagues when I left Evolve Software back in 1999 I have rarely printed out hardcopies of photos. Maybe once or twice to frame a few, but I definitely never bothered with a traditional photo album. It wasn’t until my new brother and […]

RainStor’s New Belden Place Office – Euro Flare & Jackson Sq Feel

RainStor’s office opened up for business today at 45 Belden Place in San Francisco. For those of you not familiar with Belden Place, it is a row of European restaurants with outdoor seating and a very European way of having matradees solicit you to join them for lunch or dinner as you walk down the […]

The Price is Right for Informatica – MDM Components AddressDoctor & Agent Logic in 10-Q Filing

According to the 10-Q for Informatica Nov 5th, 2009, they paid $27.8M for AddressDoctor (a little more than the $20M guess by 451 group back in June) and $35M for Agent Logic respectively. Informatica continues to efficiently acquire pieces of the MDM ecosystem, without necessarily jumping into the MDM pond and competing directly with IBM, […]