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CloudCamp San Francisco – June 2009

Today I helped Dave Nielsen organize the SF Cloud Camp at the Microsoft offices in downtown SF. The turnout was terrific with over 200+ attendees. At one point I was concerned that we might run out of food as I had only arranged for catering for 150 or so, but everything turned out just fine. […]

SaaSparilla Report: In Clouds We Trust

One of the concerns often voiced about cloud computing/SaaS is the reliability of the service. What is the performance and up-time guarantee. Will the users be unable to access the application or service right when they need it most?

Over the last 10 years, there have certainly been growing pains. salesforce.com, widely recognized as the […]

SaaSparilla Report: Run to set up the PaaS?

In my previous post PaaS or fail back in May, I took a brief look at a basic definition of platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and mentioned a few PaaS players. Today I’m here to give you a little follow-up test to see if you were paying attention:

Which of the following companies does NOT offer a PaaS?


Dr. Mark, No one pays attention when I present, how do I get them to listen?

Dr. Mark, I am a product marketing professional. I work hard on my powerpoint slides, regularly adding lots of graphics and using lots of animation options. But yet no one pays attention to the content or what I have to say? I could really use some advice.

Thanks, Frus Traited

Thanks for your e-mail Frus. […]

SaaSparilla Report – SaaS companies announce major wins, continue to make inroads

It’s been a great week for SaaS (software-as-a-service) players. On Monday 6/8, SuccessFactors, announced a whopping 420,000 seat deal with Siemens, beating out Siemens long time strategic partner SAP. Then just this Friday Netsuite CEO Zach Nelson mentioned at an analyst dinner that a 9000 seat deal with an as yet unnamed UK company; in […]

Greenplum’s Enterprise Data Cloud Enterprise Initiative – not just “me cloud too”?

Greenplum, a petabyte-scale database for data warehousing and business intelligence on Monday 6/8 made three separate major announcements:

Greenplum Brings the Power of Self-Service to Data Warehousing with its Enterprise Data Cloud™ Initiative Greenplum Announces Greenplum Database 3.3 Future Group Sets the Standard for Retail Analytics with Greenplum Database

The major announcement out of […]

Enterprise Software Toaster vs. SaaS/Cloud Toaster

Based on the concept from the original and popular 1990’s “if computer companies made toasters”

Enterprise On-Premise Toasters

SaaS/Cloud Computing Toasters

1. On-premise sales people will […]

Dr. Mark, how do I get sales to make use of the marketing materials I create?

Dr. Mark, I am a product marketing professional. I work day and night on competitive intelligence, product positioning and messaging and other tools. I store everything on our company intranet and I send notification e-mails out to the sales teams, with detailed instructions on how to use the tools. Unfortunately I still get the same […]

Introducing Dr. Mark Eteer, consultant to the Mollywood marketing stars – How to move from engineering into marketing

Dr. Mark, I am an engineer recently laid off who has completed my MBA . How do I go about making a career switch into marketing? Yours Sincerely, I.M. Eager

Mr Eager,

I get this question quite often. As a former engineer myself my guidance to you is to look at starting as a product […]