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You are better off not Knowing …

So I saw the movie “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage and all I can tell you is that you are better off skipping this movie, because it is deeeeepppppreeeessing … Especially in these days where a little cheer is in order. On a funny note Wasim made me laugh when he said he sent out an […]

Who’s That Looking At My Master Data?

So you’ve finally managed to convince everyone who has a stake that building this MDM Hub is the right thing to do. You have the data ready to be loaded from a variety of applications (sources) and you are even preparing to provide a business user interface (See MDM for the Business Masses, It’s Time) […]

Dan Power Blogs about Siperian Solutions Day 2009

Dan Power, noted MDM Analyst and expert attended Siperian’s Solutions Day in Princeton, NJ. It was a pleasure having him as a panelist in our experts session as it gave me an opportunity to get his views on SAP MDM vs. Siperian and why vendors like IBM and Oracle can’t match Siperian’s data model […]

Siperian Solutions Day Highlights

Siperian Solutions Day Thursday, March 19 @ Hyatt Regency, Princeton, NJ

So the first Siperian Solutions Day was a great success, thanks to once again a great team effort.

Over 100+ Customers, prospects and partners networked, mingled and enjoyed a […]

MDM for the Business Masses, it’s Time

Over the last 4 years we have seen Customer Data Integration (CDI) evolve into Master Data Management (MDM), heard many debates about MDM architectural styles, features and functions, operational vs. analytical, and the ever present need for an MDM platform to have web services so that applications could be developed to manage and retrieve the […]

I am now a Twit?

Or maybe that should be a Twitterer. Finally broke down and signed up on Twitter and made my first “Tweet”.

I doubt I can be as prolific as the stream of consciousness that I see people like Ray Wang or Christine Crandell (thanks to her for getting me Tweeting) providing updates almost hourly. But let’s […]

Here’s An MDM Wheel – Don’t Reinvent It!

As organizations determine whether or not to make the investment in Master Data Management (MDM), concerns around being an early adopter and the “relative” maturity of respective MDM offerings are to be expected. Suitability and fit of the correct architecture and applicability to the domain and industry of the organization making the decision leads a […]