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Capt. Midnight: Quiet on the Western Front

From: Ramon Chen Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 11:02 PM To: *All MetaTV Subject: Capt. Midnight: Quiet on the Western Front

CHECK OUT THE LATEST WCS PHOTOS AT \\Magellan\Public\Marketing\WCS2001 Hello everyone from (brrr) chilly Anaheim where the Western show was back to it’s regular home (last year it was at the L.A Convention center). As […]

Proposal to evolve MetaTV’s positioning and brand

I drafted this proposal which ultimately led to agreement among the Executives around how we executed on our 2002 strategy and present ed to the team at the Global Summit offsite.

First there were Portals …

When MetaTV entered the interactive television space there was a lot of noise in the industry. There was also […]

ITV Technology – Déjà vu All Over Again?

If you take the ‘V’ off of iTV, you’ve got ‘IT’ – and according to Chen, this is where you’ll find key lessons on how to build iTV

Article written for CTAM Magazine (starting on page 10) of the PDF click to open CTAM Magazine with ITV Deja Vu article by Ramon Chen

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