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Structured vs. Unstructured Big Data Q&A

I was asked recently to define structured vs unstructured data and how the different types of data were being managed within the enterprise. I thought I’d list my responses below in case you find it useful/interesting. As ever, feedback and debate welcome

What are the challenges seen with the two different types of unstructured […]

Your Big Data Perspective

A couple of days ago I participated in a DMRadio panel titled “How Big Is Big? Why Big Data Comes in Various Sizes”. Prior to the show I listed my thoughts about the topic in this post titled It’s (not) just size that matters.

As with all the DMRadio segments I’ve taken part in, Hosts […]

It’s Not (Just) Size That Matters

This Thursday, July 19, I’m going to be participating in a DM Radio panel titled “How Big Is Big? Why Big Data Comes in Various Sizes,” This will be my 3rd time participating in a DM Radio segment, and if it is anything like the last two, it should be an interesting discussion around the […]

Big Data and MDM – Where Quantity meets Quality

I presented a workshop at the MDM & Data Governance Summit in San Francisco this week on the topic of Big Data and Master Data Management (MDM). It was a particularly interesting topic for me because I have spent the last 8 years working as VP Product Marketing at Siperian (A leading MDM provider acquired […]

Getting Personal … Big Data from Facebook, Where is it all Stored?

As the Facebook IPO frenzy builds up to the pricing and Facebook starts trading this Friday (UPDATE: Facebook has priced at $38 giving it a market cap of about $104B), it got me to thinking about how much data I have uploaded/contributed to Facebook over the last 5 years. Turns out, you can get your […]

Ker Splunk! Big Data IPO. $3B market cap and rising

First of all, congratulations to all Splunk employees, VCs and shareholders! Today is a great day for your company and those of us in Big Data (see who else is who in Big data here).

Almost 12 months ago I wrote a post titled: “LinkedIn’s IPO –A Perfect Storm of Big Data,Open Source and Cloud […]

How Much Is That Hadoop Cluster Really Costing You?

Also published at http://rainstor.com/how-much-is-that-hadoop-cluster-really-costing-you/

Last month when we released our RainStor for Big Data Analytics product edition that runs natively on Hadoop, we raised a lot of eyebrows with two of the points that we were making:

Compression can dramatically reduce the TCO of Hadoop nodes needed SQL access to the compressed data in HDFS […]

Feeding the Elephant Peanuts and Making Pig Fly

Today at RainStor we announced a new product edition that runs natively on Hadoop and HDFS. We are particularly excited as we sincerely hope it will help support the growth and enterprise adoption of Hadoop in the marketplace. Although we are not an open source vendor, we have tremendous admiration and respect for the open […]

The Growing Universe of Big Data and Hadoop – A Graphical view of Funding, M&A and Partnerships (Updated May 2012)

Here is a quick graphic which I last updated May 2012 which visualizes some of the funding, M&A and partnerships related to the growing universe of Big Data and of course Hadoop.

Note that in certain categories there are a mix of companies and technologies. The graphic is a work in progress and does NOT […]

Hello I’m your Big Data and I need a Shrink!

The following conversation with your Big Data was recorded at the offices of Dr. D. Dupe M.D.

Doctor: “Please take a seat and tell me what brings you here today?”

Big Data: “Thanks Doctor. Well, lately I’ve been feeling depressed. As you can see, I’m getting on in years. Certainly I’m not the same data […]