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Big Data meets Borat

Somewhat regular readers of my blog will note that I like me a good analogy, especially one related to popular culture and in which some good laughs that can be had while getting a technically valid point across. See If Seinfeld evaluated MDM vendors, 10 Marketing lessons from @Shitmydadsays Tweets, and Hadoop – The most […]

The Growing Universe of Big Data and Hadoop – A Graphical view of Funding, M&A and Partnerships (Updated May 2012)

Here is a quick graphic which I last updated May 2012 which visualizes some of the funding, M&A and partnerships related to the growing universe of Big Data and of course Hadoop.

Note that in certain categories there are a mix of companies and technologies. The graphic is a work in progress and does NOT […]

Big Data, Shared Nothing and Twin Babies

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts the last month or so. I’ve busy working on the launch of significant enhancements to the RainStor product and lots of exciting activity with our partners, including our recently announced relationship with Dell. My other focus has been with my fast growing identical twins Parker […]

Hadoop Compression – The Elephant That’s Not In The Room

This article was originally posted at Cloudtimes.org http://cloudtimes.org/hadoop-compression-the-elephant-thats-not-in-the-room/

We are living in the age of “Big Data” where billions of transactions, events or activities are generated through use of smartphones, web browsing, smartmeter sensors and more. Hadoop, MapReduce and a new generation of NoSQL technologies are helping us manage, transform, analyze and deal with the […]

LinkedIn’s IPO – A Perfect Storm of Big Data, Open Source and Cloud Computing

Unless you were at a media-free retreat or preparing for the Rapture that never was, you will have seen the tremendous success of the LinkedIn IPO, pricing at $45 a share and hitting an intraday price of $120 before “settling” down to today’s price of about $95 sporting a $9B+ market cap. To put this […]

Iron Mountain Exits Cloud, Embraces Brick, While Autonomy Doubles Down

This week Iron Mountain who announced their intention to sell of their digital business last month made good on their promise by selling it all to Autonomy for $380M. This represents a very interesting divergent strategy that has one company looking to exploit very valuable brick and mortar real-estate in the short-term, and another looking […]

Big Data, Big Money, Big Interviews

Since I first blogged about Hadoop way back in May of 2009 the furvor for Hadoop and companies in any way related to Big Data has been hitting new highs. There have been more articles and blog posts about Big Data including popular press such as the The Economist’s (Big) Data Deluge ; specialized sold […]

A Small Price to Pay for Big (Machine-generated) Data Retention

Big Data used to be mostly generated as a result of human-driven interaction (texting, online retail purchases, stock trades) but in this new age, more and more data is machine-generated (call data records, automated stock trades, smart meter sensors, security monitoring appliances, test and measurement devices). Machine Generated Data is widely expected to form the […]

10 Tips for Storage Consolidation

I was asked recently to provide my perspective on why and how to determine how to consolidate storage. Obviously I’m no sys admin but I thought that managing storage shouldn’t be much different to other types of housekeeping with applications in IT or for real life for that matter. So […]

Three things IT can do to get control of the big structured data dilemma

Even thought storage prices are falling at a good clip, the reality is that more and more data is being retained online. Corporate database applications are getting bloated, requiring expensive production class disk to keep them responsive and healthy. Meanwhile new classes of structured data generated from machines such as logs, quality control tests and […]