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Data Scientists and Big Data: Predicting Linsanity and Targeting Pregnant Teens

A couple of interesting articles ran through my #BigData tweetstream last week. Shout out to Ivan Chong (@ichong) at Informatica who I re-tweeted

Can this guy be considered a Data Scientist?online.wsj.com/article/SB1000… “Delivery Guy Who Saw Jeremy Lin Coming” #bigdata #overlooked #linsanity

“The Delivery Guy Who Saw Jeremy Lin Coming” tells the intriguing story of a […]

Luke Skywalker uses and evaluates Google Buzz and Facebook

Hi, I’m Luke Skywalker,

You may know me from a galaxy far far away. I’m pleased to report that I tried Google Buzz today. Here is s snippet of my conversations with friends and family.

Since I’m already a keen Facebooker, you can see my same interactions in the context of Facebook in […]

5 #award winning #tips for getting more #blog hits from your #tweets @GuyKawasaki @Twitter

IMPORTANT: If you are Guy Kawasaki skip to the end of this post, otherwise read on.

When I first started tweeting, I naturally used Twitter to publicize when I had a new blog post available. This was unsuccessful at first because I didn’t have that many followers and my tweets were generally of the vanilla […]

Why I’m on Twitter and Why You Shouldn’t Bother

It’s been nearly a year since I started using Twitter and many people still ask me why I bother and what is the purpose of Tweeting and being on Twitter at all.

Interestingly I took a look at my current linkedin contacts, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers and found these statistics (as of today Feb […]

Shoestring Marketing – The Sole of Marketing

There is no definitive origination for the term “Shoestring Budget”. Some have suggested that the analogy comes from the fact that a shoestring is slender and therefore relates to having slender resources. Having spent 20+ years developing and marketing software, my view on “shoestring” as it pertains to marketing is a little more precise than […]

My Experience with Slideshare – Simple Enough Once You Know How

This weekend I used Slideshare for the first time to record an overview slideshow for RainStor. Rather than just uploading the PPT, we felt it would be more compelling and easier to follow by having a voice over track with the slides.

The whole process was fairly simple once I figured out the best way […]

Tweetlites – Realtime conference highlights via Twitter, just like being there, only better?

My foray into truly using Twitter began less than 1 month ago when I attended the meeting SDForum:Shaping the age of application development. Rather than just take notes in MS Word or by pen, I used my laptop to tweet significant and interesting anecdotes and comments by the presenters and panelists to my list of […]

Twittergrader finally working

Just checked the Twittergrader.com site this morning after reading about the Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN race to 1M followers and not sure if it was just a glitch, or my e-mail to their support team, but it appears to be working now. Except it has a tendency to “hang” so I only give it a […]

Tweet->Hubspot->Twitter Founder->Funny Twitter Breakup Cartoon

There’s a funny graphic at the end of this post which you Tweeters out there might enjoy. But before you scroll down to it, check out the trail of how I found it …

While social network hopping this morning I happened upon a tweet mentioning Hubspot, which to many of you might not be […]

Going to RSA San Francisco 2009

Thanks to my good friend Wasim I’m Going to RSA Conference in SF next week http://www.rsaconference.com/2009/us for the keynotes and expo. You (and your data) can never be too safe or secure. Perhaps I’ll see you there?

Michael Skaff who I knew from Synon days, is now the CIO of the San Francisco Symphony (nice […]