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Why Life Sciences Must Go Beyond MDM

Originally Published at Reltio.com/blog

Many of the team here at Reltio formed the nucleus of Siperian (acquired by Informatica in 2010), the leading on premise MDM tool widely adopted by life sciences companies. Back in 2005, master data management (MDM) was just taking shape and companies used MDM primarily to improve Siebel CRM data quality […]

Two Million Reasons to Say Thanks!

I noticed that my blog counter now reads over 2 Million page views! (and about 67,000 unique people who have visited).

A great big thank you to those of you who have bothered to read, comment and sometimes reference my blog.

I never expected to have this much traffic and interest, though way back in […]

World Series Winning Leadership – Business Lessons From the 2010 & 2012 San Francisco Giants

As a devout San Francisco Giants fan, I’ve been giddy over the last 3 years reveling in the success and more so the incredible personalities, characters and adversity beating drive of a team that won the WS in 2010 and now in 2012.

I’m a big proponent of finding lessons in different walks of […]

Big Data meets Borat

Somewhat regular readers of my blog will note that I like me a good analogy, especially one related to popular culture and in which some good laughs that can be had while getting a technically valid point across. See If Seinfeld evaluated MDM vendors, 10 Marketing lessons from @Shitmydadsays Tweets, and Hadoop – The most […]

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving 2011

As is now my tradition (having done it last year) as we approach Turkey day,I’d like to reflect on what’s been a wonderful year so far and give thanks,especially for the following:

My wonderful wife Kathy who has taken her game to a whole new level as Mom to Parker and Ryan. It’s a joy […]

Big Data, Shared Nothing and Twin Babies

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts the last month or so. I’ve busy working on the launch of significant enhancements to the RainStor product and lots of exciting activity with our partners, including our recently announced relationship with Dell. My other focus has been with my fast growing identical twins Parker […]

Hadoop – “The most interesting technology in the world”

“It’s a keynote topic at non-technology conferences.”

“It timed it’s analysis of life, the universe and everything, then threw away the answer.”

“It’s won awards for the interesting project names it has spawned.”

“It caused an Native American reservation to name a casino Bigdata”

“It’s a Function of its own popularity.”

“It was invited to […]

Happy Holidays – Wishing You a Wonderful 2011

As an environment saver, Kathy and I decided to send out a home made e-card this holiday, which recaps 10 great things about 2010. Hope your 2010 was good and here’s to a great 2011. Thanks as ever for reading my blog.


Tweet This […]

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving 2010

As we approach Turkey day, I’d like to reflect on what’s been a wonderful year so far and give thanks, especially for the following:

My wonderful wife Kathy who is the light of my life. Never could I have imagined that I could be so lucky as to find a partner so beautiful, kind, funny […]

Giants World Series Fever Continues To Linger!

Like many a SF Giants fan, I’m still giddy over the fantastic run that the team had resulting in the World Series win over the Texas Rangers back on Nov 1st, 2010. Even though it was great fun watching and experiencing the downtown parade live and I keep getting my fix by re-watching the key […]