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Big Data and MDM Revisited

Last year I presented at the MDM Summit in San Francisco and wrote a blog post titled Big Data and MDM – Where Quantity Meets Quality. At the time, there was a fair amount of curiosity around how the massive data volumes being generated from social media sales and marketing channels would impact more “traditional” […]

How Ingres Is Still Changing the Database World

Back in 2005 Wired magazine published a very interesting issue depicting how George Lucas’ blockbuster movie Star Wars eventually spawned a whole legion of special effects experts, all the way from Pixar to movies by James Cameron. The graphic can be found here if you are interested

It got me to thinking how some of […]

NoSQL, NewSQL. MySQL, PostgreSQL and a New Breed of Databases

Last year Matt Aslett of the 415 Group published an blog post titled “What we talk about when we talk about NewSQL”. In it describes NewSQL as “a loosely-affiliated group of companies … what they have in common is the development of new relational database products and services designed to bring the benefits of the […]

It’s Not (Just) Size That Matters

This Thursday, July 19, I’m going to be participating in a DM Radio panel titled “How Big Is Big? Why Big Data Comes in Various Sizes,” This will be my 3rd time participating in a DM Radio segment, and if it is anything like the last two, it should be an interesting discussion around the […]

Data Scientists and Big Data: Predicting Linsanity and Targeting Pregnant Teens

A couple of interesting articles ran through my #BigData tweetstream last week. Shout out to Ivan Chong (@ichong) at Informatica who I re-tweeted

Can this guy be considered a Data Scientist?online.wsj.com/article/SB1000… “Delivery Guy Who Saw Jeremy Lin Coming” #bigdata #overlooked #linsanity

“The Delivery Guy Who Saw Jeremy Lin Coming” tells the intriguing story of a […]

How to Reduce Big Data – USPS Backwards Strategy, Get Offline!

When the world is coming up with ways to grapple with, process, store and retain the massive volumes of digital data, the USPS presents an innovative solution, get offline!

I don’t often pay much attention to the ads on TV. However this weekend, I happened upon an ad from the US Post Office which left […]

The Growing Universe of Big Data and Hadoop – A Graphical view of Funding, M&A and Partnerships (Updated May 2012)

Here is a quick graphic which I last updated May 2012 which visualizes some of the funding, M&A and partnerships related to the growing universe of Big Data and of course Hadoop.

Note that in certain categories there are a mix of companies and technologies. The graphic is a work in progress and does NOT […]

A couple of easy ways to simplify your backups

It seems that the more data we have, the more complicated and voluminous the backups become. I was recently asked to think about backups from a database archiving perspective. Here are a couple of easy pointers that could help simplify your backups:

1) Ensure that production databases only contain data that needs to be backed-up […]

DMRadio conversation: Agility Is Everything

I had the pleasure of participating in a DMRadio panel yesterday as described below. The full recording can be accessed here http://www.information-management.com/dmradio/-10017561-1.html

My comments start 43 mins 20 secs into the show.

Thank you to Denodo Technologies and Composite Software for sponsoring the show. And to hosts @jimericson @eric_kavanagh for inviting me to participate.

Agility […]

Sustainable Big Data Retention

I finally got round to watching the documentary The Corporation (2003) on DVD last night. If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite disturbing as it portrays a bleak picture of how large corporations generate great wealth, but can also cause great harm.

Environmental impact was of course one of the subjects reviewed in the film. […]